Thursday, October 30, 2014

My day in the Roman army - Fishbourne Roman Palace

Today we went to see a roman army museum where we learned what it was like to be in the roman army as a soldier.

We tried all the food that they ate back then and got a gruesome wound that was a sword wound.

We also got a tattoo like the centurions would have had when they joined the army.

here is a picture of a sword wound on my arm

After that we went to throw some stones at logs that had toys on them. 

Then we got to throw spears at Celtic warrior.

We then had a drill sergent teach us how to march and fight like a centurion. We had to speak a bit of latin as well.

 At last we got to charge at our parents after a fighting session.

I learnt alot about the Roman Armies at Fishbourne Roman Palace.

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