Monday, October 27, 2014

France - Geography Report Draft 1

France is 640679km squared.
France has 66.03 million  people.
Did you know you can fit France into Australia 14 times.
The flag colours are blue,red and white. The red stands for saint Denis 
and the blue stands for saint Martin.
Some of the famous sights are the Eiffel Tower,the louvre and the Norte dame cathedral.
One of the famous people is Marie Antoinette which was a queen in 1770-1793. She is one of my favourites because she had a little cottage in her backyard that she pretended she was a farmer to escape the royal life for a little bit of time,and she had a beautiful palace with all the marvellous castle things.


Lilly, you are rushing this so much, you have forgotten the format and all the questions you are meant to answer.

where are all the pictures you are supposed to include?

Look at our prompt questions and make sure you answer ALL of these before you hand in your drafts..

What is the country best known for?
Where is the country located? ( hint - map)
How big is the country? ( how much land does it take up?)
How many people live there?
What language do they speak ( if its more than one - what are they?)
What is the government there? ( e.g. - is it a democracy, monarchy, dictatorship.  explain what it is)
What is the capital city?
What is the flag ( hint - photo. Explain what it may mean if there is a symbol)
What currency do they use? (what money do they use? photo)
What is there emblem or the animal or the national flower ( choose one)
What food do they eat?
What is a common dish people eat? ( hint - photo)
What festivals or events or parties do the people from there like to do?
What do the houses that normal people live in look like?
What are some important historical dates or events that happened there?
are there any famous people from there?
If you were going to be a tourist to visit this country, what are the things you might go and see?

Any other interesting thing you can add?

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