Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 33 to Villares de Orbigo

Day 43 to Sarria

Today was not really that nice at all because it rained nearly all day and all the ground was muddy,wet and soggy. At some times it got sunny then went back down to rain again. Walking into Sarria really sucked because there were industrial factory's all the way into sarria.

This is an angel painting from the monastery that we went to with lots of angel and monk paintings and some were really amazing. Here is some pictures.

Day 41 Horses!!!!

Today was the BEST DAY EVER on the camino. We RID HORSE'S up the pilgrim breaker and the STEAPEST part YES!!! And I got to steer the horse on every turn and I was amazed how calm they were because they just walked nice and steadley up the hills.

Day 39 to Villafranca del Bierzo Trabafelo

Today it was over 29 degrees and stinking hot and all along a road great.
We were really tired when we got to the town and we spent a long time looking for an albergue and found a really nice one.

We walked along the road to get to Trabadelo

Day 38 to Cacabelos

Today we visited the Castle of the Knights Templar in Ponferrada and after we went to a little American cáfe and it had THE BEST SAUSAGE EVER on toast.

We had a relaxing day and walked along the road mostly.

Mum splashed out for a hotel as we were all tired and hot.

It had a Spa bath in it and mum had A SECOND bath cos SHE COULD.hahahahahahaha

Day 37 to Ponferrada

 Today was really easy because it was all down hill but the only thing pulling mum down was THE ROCKS. The stairy unstable ROCKS. The thing that was really nice was we got to walk with a friend that was a teenager. his name is Christain. r and he was really nice and we TALKED the WHOLE WAY.

Day 36 El Acebo

 Today we went up a huge hill  to the iron cross and when we got up it was surrounded by lots of rocks and hats and  things.
After the iron cross it was easy because it was all slightly down hill and next to a road and a forest.

Day 35 to Rabanal Del Camino

Today was THE best day ever I GOT TO HOLD A HAWK. I got to hold a hawk and I got to PAT IT I got to pat a hawk how unbelievabley crazingly amazing is that.

It was a HUGE hawk for its size and actually very calm it didn't bite didn't hurt me it just standed there on MY HAND and was nice and calm to me.

Day 34 to Astorga

Today we were planning for it to be cold and we got a big shock when the weather was actually nice and bright and sunny. All the flowers were blooming and butterflies were everywhere flapping there wings. Beautiful rabbits all hopping around in the flowers. Then when we got into Astorga there was chocolate shops everywhere because Astorga apparently had the best chocolate so we bought some and it was AWSOME.

Day 32 to Villadangos

Day 31 leon

We went to the Cathedral today

Day 30 to Leon

Today was really really hard we did 22km I think.  but at the end we stayed in a really nice alburge. Were deciding that we will stay on léon for 2 nights Walking into léon was really sucky because we had to go through lots of factory's.

Day 29 to Reliego

It was old and windy. We stayed in the place Morgan and dad stayed in last year.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 26 to Terradillos de Los Tempallarios

Today we got up early because we slept on the dining room floor . It was a really cold day but it was really hard. We walked along a roman path that was nearly 2 thousand years old.

Us in the cold.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 27 to Sahagun

Rained and hailed but a nice Spanish guy let us in to his mechanic shed. We walked along a track when it was hailing. It wasnt nice to walk in the hail.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 25 to Villalcazar De Sirga

Today I wore my onsie because it was cold. There were two ways you could take the road or the canal we took the canal way witch was very pretty. Each town has one of these bronze cut outs to say that pilgrims are suppose to pass through there and know that they are going the right way.

Day 24 to Fromista

I fell over and skimmed my knee.

This is the view from where I was standing. Isn't it pretty.

It was hot all day.

We should have gotten up earlier but we can't get up. 

Mum is trying to be patient with us. She doesn't yell at all.

Today was hot and there was not much shade at all. When we got into Fromista all the alburges were full by 1:00pm and we tryed to take a taxi or a bus but we couldn't find a bar with a phone so a kind lady lended us three beds to get put down on the floor for us to sleep on. we had to sleep on the floor in a church.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The castle at Castojeriz

Castojeriz has a castle which is ruined. Mum was too much in pain with her ankle to walk up the hill to see it. Some kind audience ladies took me. It was awesome

Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 22 Hontanas to Castrojeriz

Today we did 8km. When we got to the town we went to a nice relaxing house that someone opened there house up for pilgrims to come into and relax and spend time carving, playing with kittens or meditating.

The lady was an artist and she let me carve some stone. I think I might be an artist that does this.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 21 Rebé to Hontanas

It was long it was hot and I'm sick we love that. Not. Today was still a good day because we got to see the invisible town. It was in the middle of nowhere . 

Day 20 burgos to Rabé

 Today I woke up perfectly. The morning walk wasn't so good because I was coughing and that is when we found out that I was sick. It was less than 13 degrees and really windy. I was wearing my onsie.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 18 to Atapercea

At Atapercia the archeologists think that Atapeurcia  is where human kind started because they found bones that were over 1.2 million years old.  Today was an easy day because it was shady.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 19 to Burgos

Today was hard. We went over a big hill at the start of the day and went past some sheep that looked like they had white masks on over there black skin. They looked like ninjas. 

The way into Burgos was horrible because you had to go through lots of factory's for 7km and all on concrete. All the alburges were full so we had to go to a hotel we have a great view from our window. I have a room with just mum,Morgan and me YAY!!! This is the view from our window isn't it spectacular.
Saw this at the start of the day I like this dress.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 16 to Belorado

It was hot today.
A man gave us water.

Mum got very sick today. She had to go to bed all day and night. She vomited all day.

The albergue we got to stay in had a pool. It was really cool.

Day 15 St. Domingo de la Calzada to Redecilla

We went to the town that Dad and Morgan stayed in sns met Ruffles the cat. We gave it chips.

Our Albergue was nice and we had beds near the window.

Day 17 what I have learned on the camino

The lessons you learn on the camino are mostly mistakes like when I dropped my really good walking stick in a river. That was a lesson that I learned to be more mindful so I picked a stone up from the destination that I lost my stick at and at the next camino sign I dropped it on the sign as a lesson I learned.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 14 Azofra to St. Domingo de la Calzada

Today it was a 26 degrees day and was pretty hot and all up hill. We stayed in a really nice alburge at night. There were soft beds and nice pillows. 

St Dominiga is famous for its roosters in the church.

Day13 Azofra

Today was a 18k day and it was more then 28 degrees. At night time I was a great teacher to three young men to teach them how to make a loom. They said it looked like magic but it's the technique you need to make it.

Day 12 Navarette

Today was another hot day like usual and more than 26 degrees. Well it was quite peaceful  because we got to go threw some really nice forests and saw lots of amazing flowers and butterflies so it was a nice day but still pretty hot.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 10 to Viana

Today was the hottest day ever in the whole camino. It was 26 degrees and that is why it was the worst day. We were  planning on doing 15km but we actually did 20 because we couldn't find our little village so we walked on to Viana in the hot sun. 

Day 3 Roncevalles to Viskarret

Today was the best day ever because we went up a mountain and went down the hill a little and saw steppingstones and at the other side of the steppingstones there was the village we were staying in.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 11 Viana to Logrona

Once again it's a 26 degree day witch sucked agian and all down hill and flat in the hot sun. At least we got to the alburge before it got to the hottest part of the day.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 9. To Villamayor de Monjardin

Today's the 9th day on the camino. This is probably my most favourite day on the camino because I saw a pony. The pony was so cute and adorable I just wanted to hug it. We saw a wine fountain at the top of a slope and there was two taps one ice cold water two red wine.

Day 5 to Pamplona - 6km

Ok I know what your all thinking it was an easy day but acutely it wasn't. Concrete is the worst thing to walk on and we were walking for 6ks and it was all on concrete and that is why it was a bad day but at least we got to the hotel in time.

Day 4 to Arre Trinidade Monastery

It was a really long walk today. My feet hurt and it rained all day.

I cried too tired to write.

We stayed at this monastery