Friday, February 28, 2014

Grimm brothers museum

Today we went to the Grimm Brothers museum.

They went all around the country side and collected  lots of stories and made them into one big collection of stories. Some of these stories are Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumplestiltskin, Snowwhite and Cinderella.

Morgan and I went down to the witches house and saw Hansel in a cage. Here is a picture of me at the witches house.

Here is me trying on the crowns in the princess room

German lesson 4-signs

We have been looking at signs in Germany here are some of them.


Parking forbidden.


       Warning atention.

Saalburg Roman Fortress

In Roman times,the Saalburg fort kept watch over a section of Limes in the Tuanus hills. Did you know that many as 2000 people may once have lived in the fort and the village? Thats alot of fighting men.

The reason the fort was here was to protect the Roman empire from the German tribe people.

The most interesting thing I saw was horse shoes because  they are big and bulky and covers the hole foot of the horse.

I saw the barracks where the men used to sleep. I think it would have been really horrible. They had only bags of straw to sleep on.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Saalburg Roman Fortress museum - every day life - the clothing

For my homeschooling focus in history, I am looking at the clothes people wear, how they made them and what interesting things I can find out about their every day life.

This is a picture of a lady who is spinning some wool to make thread for clothes and blankets.

Beside this picture there was an actual example of the wool being spun.

This is a picture of what normal Roman men would have worn.  The difference between these two and todays men is that todays men usually wear jeans and a shirt. The Roman men are wearing robes. 

Did you know that they didn't have buttons or zips back then?

They had to keep their clothes together with buckles and belts. 

The shoes were way different because they were open. Ours are usually closed. Their shoes were made from leather.They laced them up with laces.  I saw how they made the shoes from one piece of leather. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

German lesson 3-fruit and veg

I went to the Mainz markets and we bought some fruit and vegetables.

I am learning the names of different fruit and veg.

These are the photos. Here are the German words for these things

Pear - birnen
Spinach - spinat
Tomato - tomaten
Orange - orangen

I had to say these things out loud to mum I said Ich Sah ( I saw) and then the word for the fruit or veg.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gutenberg museum

Today we went to the Gutenberg museum. It's a museum that has the history of books and printing.

The wax tablets were popular until the 17th century.

How you use the wax tablet is you scratch into it with a sharp stick and when you don't want to have it there you rub it out with wax.

But the problem with it is , is that it is bulky and if its hot the wax melts and all your words get melted too.

Monday, February 24, 2014

German Language Lesson 2 - colours


English Colour                   German Colour Name - and how to pronounce it. 

schwarz (shvahrts)
weiß (vighss)
grau (grou) - rhymes with "cow"
rot (roht)
blau (blou) - rhymes with "cow"
gelb (gelp)
grün (gruun)
orange (oh-RAHNGSH)
lila (Lee-lah) (dark)
rosa (ROH-zah)
braun (brown)

We counted cars. I can now say "I saw" in German. Car is Auto

Here are my findings on our walk around our village. We counted cars and did a data collection. We then did a graph to show this and now I am translating it in German for you.

Ich sah acht grau auto.
Ich sah elf weiss auto.
Ich sah eins grün auto.
Ich sah eins rosa auto.
Ich sah fünf schwarz auto.
Ich sah zwei rot auto.
Ich sah sieben blau auto.

Cistercian Eberbach Monastery

Today we went to the Eberach Monastery. It is huge. They make wine. They still make lots of wine there. It is famous. 

We went into the wine cellar. It was cold and smelt like stinky smoke. We saw lots of barrels full of wine.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

German language lesson 1

Guten morgan everybody!

When we are in a different country we try to speak a little bit of the language. This is for our homeschooling because back at home they will be learning French or something. I think its better to visit the country and hear it spoken by the people there. Its more fun too.

We are in Germany at the moment.

I am learning numbers, days of the week, shops and greetings. We try to say things in German all the time.

Today I looked at numbers.  Here they are - 

1 eins 
2 zwei 
3 drei 
4 vier 
6 sechs 
7 sieben 
8 acht 
9 neun 
10 zehn 
11 elf 
12 zwölf 

I don't know the words for the fruits yet.. but here is what I am learning.

Das ist drei strawberries.
Das ist eins banana.
Das ist vier onion.
Das ist eins lime.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This is Stonehenge. One of the most magnificent places in the world.

 It's over 6000 years old. Its another place that nobody knows why it was built or when it was built. 

There's a new visitor centre that has an exhibition centre inside it. The exhibition centre has a timeline video to show you the time and how it all fell down.  Well it didn't fall down. People came and took the rocks and built roads and houses with some. Some stones were destroyed by the people in churches because they said they were evil and against God. Thats a bit stupid because God made the rocks.

Lego movie-film reveiw

We went to see the new Lego movie. I think it was spectacular. It had lots of action with lots of explosions and gun shooting.

It was about a normal Lego man who is chosen by a stone to be the most spectacular person in the Lego universe.  He saves the world from the evil president.

The evil president wanted to use a Kargal to glue up the whole world. Emmit the normal guy stops that from happening.

Lucy's (or wildstyle's) dress was beautiful at the old west Lego world.

The lesson we learnt from the movie was to believe in yourself and miracles can happen.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winchester Cathedral

Today I went to Winchester cathedral.

It's one of the largest cathedrals in Europe.

It was built on marshy ground and built 1000 years ago. It stayed up all that time. IN 1900 it started to fall over and sink.

There was a man who saved the cathedral by putting bricks underneath it so the walls didn't fall down. He was a deep sea diver.

No more cast on my arm!!!!

My cast is finally off!! I can't believe it!!

 The doctor said my arm fixed its self up while I had my cast on for six weeks.

It feels really good having it off and being able to swim now.

Its a pity that it is so cold and there are no pools here like in Australia.

King Arthur's round table

Today we went to the great hall which had King Arthur's round table inside.

Morgan and I did a drawing tour all around the great hall.

Winchester used to be the capital of England from roman time to King Alfred. We saw the ruins from the castle and went into he dungeons.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The battle abby

The battle Abbey was very fun and exiting.

In 1066, William the Conquerer sailed from France Normandy. He sailed his boats to Hastings and took over England. He defeated Harold. Harold and his army lost because they had just been  to York an defeated the vikings at Stamfod Bridge. They they had to walk to Hastings in 5 days and fight again. The men were very tired.

William the Conquerer came with 7000 men and lots of horses.

Morgan and I painted a shield each. I did colours everywhere and Morgan painted a dragon head on his shield.

We went on a kids trail and had to punch stamps into the trail paper with little tiny spikes which had the clues.

We learned lots of things about the battle of Hastings. We picked up the swords and shields and they where very heavy. 

The long man

The long man is 70 feet tall and made entirely out of chalk. It is a picture drawn in the hillside.

 No one knows who made it or what it's there. It has been there for thousands of years.

We went to walk up the pathway , but it was too muddy and slippery.  I tried to take a  photo but was too dark for the photo to work out.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bodiam castle

Sir Edward Dalyngrigge ordered a castle to be built as a defence for him and his wife to live safely in.

It was built in the late 13 hundreds at Bodiam in Sussex South East England.
There's  a moat round the whole castle.
It's near a big river in a valley.
I climbed to the top of a 2 huge towers with very steep stone steps that went round and round.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Leeds castle maze

Leeds castle maze is made out of hedges and fences. The hint of the hole maze is turn right at every corner.if you have more than one person the first  person to get to the end which has a tower that you can see the hole maze from the top and you can lead your friend or Family to the end of the maze.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Today I cooked risotto and cookies.
The cookies were made Out of oats,water,butter and coconut.
The risotto was made out of rice,butter and vegetable stock in a pan.
I stirred the risotto rice until it took up all the stock flavour and soaked into the rice  then put vegetables in it and put the pan lid on the top of the pan.

This is me making cookies.

This is me making risotto.

The royal pavilion

The royal pavilion is a very large Indian building because king George the l V liked Indian architecture. He wanted a place where all his friends could stay and somewhere which was very different to all other castles. He made it himself for all his friends because he liked to drink and eat and party all night long.

Brighton is a popular place to go to the seaside. It has ben popular ever since the 1800s. It got even more popular because George had his parties there.

The rooms are very magnificent. There are dragons everywhere.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hastings castle

This castle was built in the 11th century.
This is where the battle of Hastings started. William the Conquerer landed here with all of his troops and then marched to Battle where the actual battle took place.

The castle used to have a church and a chapter house.King Henry the 8th ordered all of the churches riches to be given to the king, so this was the end of the churches in most places.

William the Conquerer built it to celebrate his victory of the battle of Hastings. This was in 1066.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bodium castle

Bodium castle was built in the 14th century.
It has a moat all the way round it and a bridge at the front of it.
It was really cold because it wasn't sunny.
Everywhere was flooded because it was so wet and rainy in the past few weeks.
It was closed because of the flooding.
It's only a shell.It has no rooms inside.

Help X in Hastings

 This is the start of my first day at this help X house. 

Today I did gardening and raking up leaves and sticks.
We have a friend called Micheal who helps nearly everyone with there gardening and I'm sure this is what he does every day for his job. 

I don 't think I want to do his job every day.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Book review first chapter of The Lion The witch and the Wardrobe.

This book is excellent. I have seen the movie called Narnia which is based on the book.

The characters are Susan, Lucy, Edmund and Peter.
I can't wait to read the 2nd chapter of this excellent adventures book.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Primark is a huge  shopping place for clothes and stuff for your home.

Mum has bought me alot of things here. My favourite is my red gum boots. Mum wishes they came in her size. They have black bows on them.

We all have onsirs now. They are for the camino