Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Geography report draft one Spain

Spain is best known for wine, paella, tapas and bullfighting. Spain is located in Europe.

Spain is 504,645 km squared.

There are 47,066,402 people in Spain. There are five main languages spoken in Spain which are Portuguese, Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Occitan.

The government is parliamentary democracy. 
Spain's currency is euros.

Spain's most eaten food is paella or tapas.

There is a festival called la tomatin and its a festival for tomatoes and people throw tomatoes at each other.

Important things that happened in Spain included discovering America and the Spanish Armada. Christopher Columbus was a famous adventurer from Spain. He discovered  America in 1502, beginning an era of exploration and conquest for the Spanish.

In 1588 the British forces defeated the Spanish Armada , or navy.

On the flag of Spain has two colours red stands for hardness, bravery and strength and yellow stands for generosity , the Spanish coat of arms symbolises the country , the old kingdoms of Spain , the royal crown and the constitution monarchy.

The normal houses are usually big houses. The houses we saw when we walked the camino were normally very poor. The houses had 

One of the points of interest that you might want to see is the royal palace of Madrid and the beach of la concha. They are amazing because the beach of la concha is on of the most famous urban beaches in Europe, and the royal palace is the official residence of the Spanish royal family at the City of Madrid.


Lilly this looks wonderful Just add a few more things and I think we will have a good copy in draft 2!
Please add in a map of Spain.
How does Spain compare to Australia as far as its size? Remember we divide how big Australia is by how big the country is.  How many times would Spain fit into Australia?
Can you please explain what paella is and what tapas is.
Please write something about the Camino! we spent 3 months in Spain - so please write something about your experiences there and what you saw.
I love your sentence on the flag, but you need to put some punctuation in it.
Think about he houses we saw as we walked on the Camino. What did they look like?  What were they made of?
what is the Spanish emblem or animal or flower?
what famous people come from Spain?
What is the camino?  Lots of people go to Spain just to do that. Why?
What do you think about bullfighting?

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