Sunday, April 27, 2014

#2 day on camino of to Roncevalles

This is the second day on the camino and still raining. Today was so cold because we went above the clouds. It was so AWSOME and very cold. To go up the mountain I had to wear two long sleeve shirts some tights and some really warm pants. It was so cold you would get to the stage were you would cry because it is so cold. I was buggered by the time I got down to the alburg  I nearly fell asleep in the shower. But it was a great day I loved it.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

#1 day on camino saint Jean to Valcarlos

This is the first day on the camino. YES!! The only thing that wasn't good was that it was raining, although it didn't ruin my first day on the camino. On every turn there was beautiful sights with lots of big mountains with green rolling hills and yellow flowers and dandelions on farms. 

We stayed at a really nice alburge in the afternoon. An alburgue is somewhere you stay for the night like a hotel but just overnight.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sleeping on Queen Anne's bed

Today we went to Avebury Manor and laid on Queen Anne's bed. 

Queen Anne was supposed to have slept here, which is why its called the Queen Anne Room

Queen Anne was the queen of Britain in the 1700s. She was only queen for 5 years. Queen Anne had as sad life because she lost lots of babies - 17 in fact. 

We still know about Queen Anne because furniture is named after her. The legs are curvy.

The bed was big and fluffy. It was a four poster bed and had drapes all round it. 

The manor is 400 years old. That's amazing. 

They had a butterfly trail that was very easy. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Old Sarum

Today we went to old sarum. It is near Salisbury. It has been there for 5000 years. THere has been vikings and Romans and Saxons and Normans there.

Today at old Sarum we spotted the weirdest and of course at the time - the stinkiest thing.

Can you guess what it is?

It's a toilet/sewer. Well what was left of it. When the castle was here, there would have been a toilet over the top of two pits.

Every day the servants would go in after the king and go on a rope and go down in the big hole and they'd clean all the poo out. That wouldn't be a nice job to do. 

I wouldn't like that job that wouldn't be nice. 

Medieval Fashion at Old Sarum

Today we went to Old Sarum and dressed up. There were lots of different types of clothes to try on, but I like the medieval ones the best. I am writing about this for my fashion focus for homeschooling. 

I love this dress it's so shiny and beautiful.  I love the long bit at the bottom of the bodice. The fitted bodice has leg of mutton sleeves. Leg of Mutton sleeves are when it has a big top like a cloud at the shoulder and then he rest is fitted to the wrist. 

This outfit was s skirt and bodice. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The science museum-the history of computers

Today we went to the science museum in London.

We looked at the history of Computers.

Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical computer in1822. All it did was add things up and it was as big as a truck.

 Imagine having a calculator like that and your always bringing it everywhere you went.

What a nightmare!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Deer species at Dunham Massey

Today we went to Dunham Massey and saw lots of deer species.

The closest I got to one of the males was a couple of centre meters. The males have big antlers.

The species is a fallow deer. They're so calm and beautiful when you don't get too close.

The fallow deer are brown with beautiful white dots an I love their little tails that stick strait up.

I loved Dunham Massey.

Tudor fashion at little Moreton Hall

Today we went to little Morton Hall in Derbyshire. It is a tudor house.

We went into the house and I tried on some clothes that the Tudor kids use to wear. I didn't like it so much because you had to have short hair or you had to have it up all the time in a hat.! 

The women back then would have had to have a purse on them all the time. The purse didn't really look like a purse it looks more like a little binoculars bag. Every time you wore something  you had to tighten your gut in with sewing your dress in really close to your belly. It would have been very uncomfortable.

I didn't like the colours either. 



Tudor dog kennels at little moreton hall

Today at little Moreton Hall we found the weirdest thing. 

It was a hole/big thing in the wall. We had to ask what it was because it was so weird and we found out that it was a little dog kennel. 

Mum, Morgan and I all thought that it was a fireplace storage system where you at store your wood so it was dry and ready for use.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

London eye

Today we went on the London Eye. 

The London Eye is 443 ft high or 135 meters high. 

It was built in 1999 and was built  as a tourist attraction for London. 

We had a lot of fun. We went around and looked at London from high in the sky. We could see the Big Ben, BT Tower and Buckingham Palace.

 From our high vantage point, it was amazing and a really awesome journey. we are going on it again sometime soon.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Science at Chessington Theme park

Today we looked at physics at the theme Park. Newton discovered laws of physics. We went on rides to test some of these laws.

We learnt about the three gravity laws which Newton made up.

1. What ever comes up most come down. Like you do on a swing you go up a little and you go down a little.

2. Anything that is bigger and heavier needs more force to move it and anything that is smaller and lighter doesn't need much force to move it.

3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Zebras at Chessington Zoo

Today we went to Chessington Zoo.

We went on a safari ride and we saw lots of zebras,Rhinos,flamingo's and deer species.

Our big truck went through mud and round tracks, but suddenly a tree had fallen so we had to go through an alligator infested pool of water! We had to drive down into a cave and go through a waterfall to get out.

Of course it all was a fun ride for kids.

I learnt that a zebra colour is black with white stripes. I think this ride is really realistic it really feels like you are actually in danger and the people on the sides get wet from the waterfall.

A review of my favorite ride at Chessington Theme Park

Today's review is on a Chessington ride called the Dragon Fury. 

The Dragon Fury was a fast ride and it goes up and down and spins round. It also goes upside down and over the top of other rides. I thought it was awesome. Mum screamed the entire way. She got on it three times so I don't think she was really that scared. Mum screams like a little girl.

 I love how all the rides have a story to them. On the Dragons Fury, we were adventurers in the story so we had to survive the attacks, missions and rides. 

Over all the Dragon Fury was the best ride there becuase of the story and the fun ride.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Camino Packs

We have only packed exactly what we need for the camino
What do you think?

PS.. ha ha... April Fools joke....

We have a MUCH more petite backpack each nealry sorted out... can't believe its in 25 days.