Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Geography report draft one England

England is known for fish and chips and the Queen.
England is located above Europe. Its an Island.

England is 130,395 km squared.
53.5 million people live there. 
In England they speak French (23%), German(9%) and Spanish (8%).
In England they have a monarch government.
In England they use pounds.

Englands national animal is a lion and a unicorn. This is the official emblem.

In England they have black pudding, yorkshire pudding, cheddar cheese, jellied eels, bangers and mash ( mash potato and sausage) and beef cobbler ( a beef pie).

If you go to England you need to see all the castles, the London Eye, Stonehenge and lego land because you learn the history of England in these places except from Lego land.



Great first draft Miss Lilly Lou!!
I'd like you to expand these things
How many times would England fit into Australia?
What famous people are from England ( not just now, but in the past too?) choose three to mention and then choose one to have a photo or picture and a little about them.
What are the houses like? compare them to the ones in Australia.
What famous events in history happened? choose one or two.

Can you lable ( thats put the names) above each picture so we know what they are?

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