Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My day at a Victorian Aged school in 1878

Today we went to a Victorian Aged school and  the teacher told us  how to write with a slate board and how strict they were back then.

When we were in class she always said "Back straight head up!". We were all frightened because she had a big stick which she said she hit naughty children with

This is a special tool especially for children who would have slouched. They even had things for people who fiddled. They had their hands tied behind their back.

It was very funny when there was a guy who wasn't doing as he was told to do and got a hat that said D that meant dumb and we pointed at  him with our fingers and siad dummy dummy.

I am glad school has changed from back then.

My industrial age jobs for kids

Today we learnt about what jobs Victorian children use to have in factories. Things like what it says  on this sign.

After I learnt all of this, we went in a deep dark,dusty chimney. Well it wasnt really a chimney it was something for children to see what it was like in those days to go into a chimney. Children used to be chimney sweeps and sent up to clean them out. There was a man who made you look like you had that chimney dust on your face.

I think i'd prefer having a job as a sweeper because going down a mine or in a factory your would get your hands stuck and maybe sliced off by the machine so really that wouldn't be that nice.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spanish Lesson 5 common phrases

yes- si

no- no

please- por favor

excuse me- me exuse

no problem- no hay problema

sorry- siento

I don’t know- no lo sé

I understand- entiendo

I don’t understand- no entiendo

You’re welcome - de nada

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

War horse

Today we went to the theatre in London and saw Warhorse. The horses and some of the animals were all huge puppets. They were lifelike and amazing.

The horses name was Joey and the main character who owned joey was Albert. Ted is his father and Rose is his mother, they both love Albert and joey. They have a farm in Devon in England and are very poor.

Then suddenly a war starts between the English and the Germans and captain nickals (leader of the army battalion in Devon) decides to get all the horses that he could get for the army leaders to ride on into war.

Joey was one of them because Ted sold it to them for 100 pounds. Albert was too young to go into war. He was only 16 and you had to be 18 to go into war so Albert said he was 18 and went into war in search of Joey.

It was so amazing how they did the puppet horses.The people must be so strong. I like all the costumes. My favourite character was a goose who whenever they open the door the goose always tried to get in.

Its a 10/10 from me for that performance.