Monday, March 31, 2014

Bee keepers in Wales

Today Dani, our host,  showed us how to get honey and how to make movable honey frames.

She was busy making them and she told us alot about honey and bees today.
They have about 6 hives. The bees eat the nectar from the flowers around the fields.

They look like this when they are full.  

These boxes are home made.

A man called Mr Langstroth invented movable bee frames in 1789.
Before then, bees got killed when the be keepers wanted honey.
From then No bees where harmed while collecting honey. I think thats a good thing

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Anglo Saxon Fashion

Today I'm looking at anglo Saxon fashion.

I think that the clothes that I tried on we're horrible they were itchy,small and very uncomfortable.

The Anglo saxons usually wore dark colours in there clothes which I don't really like dark colours because I like light and spring sort of colours. 

These are the clothes normal people use to wear on a normal day. They are like bags and are very ugly.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Priest hole Oxburgh hall

Today we went to Oxburgh hall and went to the priests hole.

It was very tiny.
Fun fact did you know that the priests hole is actually the toilet as well. The people who built the castle built it as a hiding place for priests, but when they weren't hiding priests, it was the toilet. That's gross. The priest hid away in that little hole because some people wanted to kill them because they were catholic. They would  stayed in there for days, and sometimes weeks till the guards went away.

Fashion at Oxburgh hall

Fashion at Oxburgh hall in the late 1800s. I think it would be horrible to live and wear the clothes back then.
First you would put your undies on well there not really undies there a uniform here's a picture. Its like a onsie. and it would be tight.

after that you put on a corset which pulls your tummy in and its very tight.

Next you would put on your dress which I think is very pretty. But then you needed to put on a few layers of dresses.

There will be more pictures of dresses at the end.

Then you would put on your cape which I think is very pretty with all the clothes. I like the red

Now for the rest of the pictures of dresses we found at Oxburgh hall

this is a copy of the dress that Queen Elizabeth of York wore when she came to visit in the 1400s.

Now we look at king Henry the 7ths outfit.
its like a dress. but thats what they wore.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ikworth House

Today we went to Ikworth House and  went on a bike ride.

It had lots of uphill bits and lots of downhill bits. It was very energising for all of us. We saw 2 houses and we road through lots of really pretty meadows. I would rate it a 10/10 of funnest place we have been to.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shilling Grange

The person who wrote twinkle twinkle little star lived in this house. Her name was Jane Taylor.  She wrote it in 1800s.

Here is a picture of her house.

Roman clothing

My focus in homeschooling is fashion and clothing.
Today I looked at Roman fashion from the first century in Britain.

It was Roman clothing because the Romans had taken over Britain. They took over in 60 AD.

My favourite hairstyle here is the first one. The slaves had to do  everyone's hair.

Here is a picture of me in a toga. I think they look really silly.

Medieval houses in Lavenham

Today we went to Lavenham.

It has the most Tudor houses in Britain.

Two really cool things about Lavenham is that Harry Potter the Deathly Hollows some of the scenes where filmed here.

The reason that the timbers where all crooked is because the builders didn't use dry wood.They didn't know how to dry wood back in the 1500s.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Roman Exhibition Norwich

W went to the Roman Exhibition. It was about being rich and influential in Roman times.

If you wanted to be rich then you had to make lots of stautes and throw lots of parties.

We played a game like monolpoly called Romanopoly. Mum spent most of her time being a gladiator int eh Colosseum and not making any money.

Fashion in the medieval times

My focus for homeschooling is fashion.  Today I went to a castle that had dress ups.

I don't think I would want to have had to live in the castle age because all the tight dresses are just so annoying.
You had to wear capes and lots of layers because it was so cold.

Norwich Castle

Today we went to Norwich castle.

We learnt alot about weapons. This is a picture of me with a catapult. I had to fire at a wall that I built myself. We had to work out the best angle to shoot it.

This is a picture of a really deep well that you throw money in to see how deep it is and what sound it makes. It is 45 metres deep.. thats along way down.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mainz carnival (Rosen Montag)

Today we went to the Mainz Carnival. The carnival is part of a festival to scare away winter.  People wore costumes, onsies, masks and make up.  We dressed up as well.

In the parade we saw lots of people in bands playing music. They were on floats. When the floats  went past, the people in the float threw lollies at the kids. I collected alot of lollies.

The thing about it is I don't like all the glasses of shots and the amount of broken glass is unbelievable.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fastnacht In Astheim

Fastnacht is a celebration to scare away winter. They have floats and marching bands.

This one way smaller than the Mainz one.

 I think that smaller is better than larger because you don't have to step on as much glass as a big one.

 I think it's better because you get more lollies and books in a small one.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hessisches puppen en museum

Today we went to a doll museum. We saw a hole timeline of dolls from right back to Ancient Greek times. In one of the rooms we saw a huge doll house which had lot of little cakes,hot cross buns with sugar on top and even little knifes and forks it was mined blowing. My favourite thing was all the little doll toys there was little toy bikes,trucks,cars and trains.there was dolls selling dolls it was so cool.

Here is a cake store.

Here are the window with cakes in it.