Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Germany Geography Report Draft 1

Germany is best known for meats.

Germany is located in Central Europe.

The country is 357168 km squared and there is 80.62 million people living there.                                      
They speak standard German: 90 million and all varieties of German: 120 million.
The flag colours were first seen in 1866. The flag colours are actually black,red and gold.
The money they use is euros.
The animal is a eagle surrounded by black,red and gold.
The common food they eat is beer with pretzels.
There's a really cool festival called faschnuch and its used to scare away the winter and they use lollys and floats.
Usually the houses are units with a little backyard and a little unit with a lot of stuff.


Great start Lilly. You will need to answer these questions and add them into your report.
What other languages are spoken in Germany?
What is the capital city?
What is the government there?  How does that work?
What are the symbols or emblems in the flag or for the country?
Picture of Euros
What foods do a normal family eat? List some foods that are typical. Look back on the Australian project where we listed a dozen types of foods and explained what they were.
What other festivals do they celebrate?  What is the MOST FAMOUS? ( hint its in September but its called by the name of a different month)
What historical dates or important things happened in Germany?
What famous people came or come from Germany?  Remember you need to list at least three and choose one to talk about as ell as put a photo up.
What are the main touristy things someone would come and see if they came to Germany? ( Big hint - we went to one of these in July)

Other things to consider is your sentence structure. Please begin to write complex sentences using conjunctions and subordinate clauses to make them more interesting. 

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