Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!!! This year we spent it in England. I got loads of cool stuff from Santa. I got some sticker nails,a knitting kit, loom band books,cake decorating book, an iPad and a book for girls.

We had a photo with Santa and he gave me a present. That was a book.

On Christmas day I woke up at 4:00 am in the morning to open presents and play with them.

Then we had breakfast which was smoked salmon eggs Benedict. Its a very special meal.

We had lunch just after 1 o'clock, when we were wearing our silly hats because it's a tradition of ours to wear funny hats on christmas.

Michael was on facetime and he wore a funny hat too. ( can you see him on  Morgans new ipad?)

Christmas in Australia is different to it here, mainly because 
-it's cold 
-different foods ( like no mangos here)
-not many lights on houses like in Australia
-they don't give the reindeer water
- they give Santa a mince pie

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pantomime - Mother Goose Panto at Salisbury.

Pantomimes are usually performed close to Christmas or New Year.
The characters in a pantomime are a Pantomime Dame who is a man dressed as a woman, two fairies; one who is good and one who is bad, a boy and a girl who are in love.

In pantomimes girls are sometimes dressed as boys and boys as girls.

In pantos there is audience participation. It's very fun because you need to yell things out like boo or yay.

Today we saw a Panto called Mother Goose.

There were two fairies, one was good and one was bad. Every year the good one has to help someone in need. She decided to help Mother Goose, so she gave her a goose that laid golden eggs.

But the demoness tempted Mother Goose into turning her  beautiful and made her trade in the goose.

Mother Goose lost her friends and family but she learned that friendship was the key to happiness not beauty.

My favorite part was when they went to save the goose in the Southern Pole.

I would rate it 10/10.

Thank you to Sally who bought me this ticket to see this Panto. It was very kind

Friday, December 12, 2014

Music lesson 10 The Beatles

Today we visited The Beatles Story Experience in Liverpool.
Paul,George, Ringo and John.

The Beatles were an English rock band that formed in Liverpool, in 1960.

In the early 1960s, their enormous popularity first emerged as "Beatlemania". 

Beatlemania was when when their fans mostly girls started to scream and counld't stop screaming and crying. Some of them fainted and there had to be ambulances everywhere the Beatles went.

The Beatles are important to music beacause thier lyrics were easy to listen and sing to and they introduced experiemental music when the hippies came.

This is a picture of me learning the drums and being taught by Ringo Starr.

This is a youtube video of the top 15 songs they did.

I like a hard days night the song it is my favourite.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Concert in Edinburgh

Today we went to a Christmas show in Edinburgh.

We saw an orchestra.

My favourite instrument was xylophone.

It is in the percussionSection.

We have been learning about orchestras in music.

My favourite part of the concert was the sugar plum fairy dance because the two hosts dressed up in tutus and they played the Xylophone. 

I think this was a great outing.  

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Science Project - All about Snow

Snow is an icy wet and cold.

Scotland is where I got snow.

There are lots of places in the world you can get snow. Those places have to be closer to the poles of the earth. Cold places are where you usually get snow.
Snow feels wet and cold but if your'e rugged up you'll be fine.
Snow looks amazing. It looks white and beautiful.

It has to be the exact perfect temperature for it to snow. If its wet, it turns to slush.

You can make a snowman out of snow or a snow angel.

You wear a big jacket and a jumper and snow boots.
I made three snowmen and had a snowball fight.

Snow is made when the temperature in the clouds is very cold. Snowflakes are made up of crystals of ice that have formed around bits of dirt in the air. 

Each snowflake is different and might contain up to 200 crystals. Every Snowflake has 6 sides.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Music lesson 9 Classical Music

Famous musicians who wrote famous classical music are called composers. They include Bizet,Mozart and Beethoven.

Classical music is played by an orchestra. Classical music was made a long time ago.

I didn't think I was a fan of classical music, but when I listened to the top 20, I knew lots.

Here is the top 20 classical music pieces:
20 by Wagner 
Ride of the valknries
19 by Gershwin 
Rhapsody in blue
18 by Grieg 
In the hall of the mountain king
17 by Beethoven 
Symphony no. 9 ode co joy
16 by riszt
Hungarian rhapsody no 2
15 by lonchielli
Dance of the hours
14 by Elgar
Lomp and circumstance no 1
13 by ravel 
12 by Bizet 
Coreador song
11 by Offenbach 
Infernal gallop
10 by Orff
Carmina burana: o fortuna
9 by strauss, R.
Also sprach larathustra
8 by handel
7 by Rossini 
William cell overtune
6 by Strauss, J.
The blue Danube 
5 by lachelbel
Canon in p
4 by cchaikovsky
1812 overture
3 by Bach 
Coccata and fugue
2 by Mozart 
Eine Kleine hachtmusik: allegro
1 by Beethoven 
Symphony no. 5

knew 12 songs. Can you believe it?

My favourite one is Bizet coreador song

I like it because it just is nice and cheerful and it's dancing music.

Here is the clip I listened to and watched.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Maths lesson 9 - areas

To work out an area of a square you have to do side squared - thats how long the side is and times it by itself.

 For a rectangle you have to times the width by the hight so its w X h.

Here are some of my practices

Square - side = 2  Area = 4
side = 5  Area =5x5=25
side = 10  Area =10x10=100

width = 2  hight = 4  Area =2x4=8
width = 1  hight = 5  Area =1x5=5
width = 3  hight = 10  Area =3x10=30

Area = a2
a = length of side
Area = w × h
w = width
h = height
Area = b × h
b = base
h = vertical height