Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shakespeare Book shop and Sylvia Petter

We are in Vienna. You know Mum is a publisher. She is also a writer. Sylvia is a writer who has a book mum just published called Mercury Blobs.  Sylvia read some stories out at a party last night. 
Morgan and I filmed it and its going to be put on you tube!

My favourite story was the trashion passion one. It was about a lady who makes clothes and things out of stuff people throw sway, like old socks and ties .


I'm eating mint cake in vianna

Stour head gardens

Ducks came near us and asked for food and we said.nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Mummified hand in Salisbury

Yuck!! Mammified hand!!


I'm at Stonehenge .

Leeds castle


Army squirrel

I don't have a picture but we saw a  
Squirrel with a chocolate bar in it's paws.
It swooped down and grabbed the chocolate bar and dropped it and then picked it up again and ran up the 
A picture of a squirrel.

Spanish Riding School

Yaaaaaaaaayy!!!!!!!!!spanish horses!!!!!! It was in a big-arena. all of them came out and lifted there front legs and kicked the back ones.they where all white.