Monday, October 6, 2014

Geography report - Poland third draft

Poland is best known for smoked meats and as the country which has been invaded alot. Its been invaded 43 times since the 1600s.

The country located in Eastern Europe. The capital city is Warsaw.

Poland is 312679 km square. That's pretty big but not as big as Australia. You could fit Poland into Australia 23 times.
There is 38 million people in Poland. Wow. Australia has 23 million!
The main language is Polish, but they also speak other languages such as Kashubian (108,000) German (98,000) Belarusian (26,000) Rusyn (6,000) Lithuanian (5,000) Slovak (1,000) Czech (1,000).

The flag has the national colours on it which are white and red white an eagle on it. The national animal is a bielik eagle.

The currency that they use is złotys. They don't use the Euro, eventhough they are in the E.U.

Poland has a democracy. Democracy means everyone gets a chance to say when they vote which party they want to rule the country.

There are alot of festivals in Poland,but the one I like is The Drowning of Marzanna. Its on Death Sunday before Easter. Marzanna is the Goddess of winter seasons. On Death Sunday, people make dolls out of cardboard, straw or paper and throw them into the river, so that winter can be forgotten and Spring can come.
People live in  houses that don't really look like those in Brisbane. Polish houses have three stories and Australian houses have two stories. This is because it is so cold in Poland and it snows.

Catherine the Great was the Queen of Poland and her cousins were Gustav lll and Charles the Xlll, who became kings of Sweden. Catherine the Great was famous because she very beautiful and very powerful.

If you were going to be a tourist to visit this country you would have to see is Bieszczady Mountans,Tatra Mountains, Białowieża Forest and Wawel Castle because they are very beautiful sights , the forest is huge and the castle is breathtaking.

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