Friday, October 10, 2014

Germany Geography Report Draft 2

 Germany is best known for meats.
Germany is located in Central Europe.

The country is 357168 km squared and there is 80.62 million people living there. Germany could fit into Australia 21 times.
95% of people speak German. They also speak second and third languages. They are English (56%) French (15%) and Russian (5%).

The flag colours were first seen in 1866. The flag colours are black, red and gold.

The money they use is euros.

The animal is a eagle surrounded by black,red and gold.

The government is parliamentary democracy.This means that

Common foods in Germany is apfle strudel ( apple slice cake),  kasespatzele ( like macaroni cheese), kartoffel puffer ( fried pancakes), rote grutze ( red fruit pudding) schnitzels, and mums favourite black forest cake. They also eat lots of sausages, sauerkraut, beer with pretzels. One of the famous dishes is called kattofal knoodle.

There's a really cool festival called Faschnuch which is in February. Its used to scare away the winter and they use lollies and floats and loud music. Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. The most famous festival is Oktoberfest. It is held in Munich in September and October and its where big tents are put up and lots of beer is drunk.

Usually the houses are units with a little backyard and a little shed with a lot of stuff in it. They like their little gardens.

Famous people from Germany is Albert Einstein.  he was the most famous physicist in history. 

One of the most famous physicists in Germany is called Albert Einstien who is one of the most famous physicists in history. 


Great improvement Lilly.You missed a few things. 

Germany is known for more than meat.

The capital city is ?

The government is parliamentary democracy.This means that

Major historical events that happened were
Top 4 or 5 touristy things to see when you go to Germany?

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