Monday, September 29, 2014

Eureka Stockade - my History Report

I am learning to write reports. this is my third ( and final) on a report on the Eureka Stockade.

The eureka stockade is a important part of Australia's history.

The Eureka stockade was in Ballarat,Victoria. The actual stockade was built on baker hill. They mined gold around Ballarat during the Goldrush. The people who mined for gold called themselves the diggers.

The men came together at about 8 o'clock on the 2nd of December 1854 and created a distinct place where the men could muster and be drilled.

The battle lasted for 15 mins. 23 diggers and 15 troopers died. The leaders name was Peter lawler. They were hoping to get the government to put the price of the license down and to stop the troopers beating up the diggers. The person in charge, Peter Lawler,  was shot during the battle. When they were raided there was only 120 people in the stockade because the other men were told different rumours that people were coming from all over the place, so they all went out into the bush to fight them.

The flag was a southern cross with a blue background. It was called the Eureka flag.

The Eureka Stockade is a very important event in Australian History as its the birthplace of our democracy and government.

Great first report Lilly. You have explained a number of events which lead up to and during the rebellion.

Remember to use capital letters for peoples names and places.

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