Monday, December 22, 2014

Pantomime - Mother Goose Panto at Salisbury.

Pantomimes are usually performed close to Christmas or New Year.
The characters in a pantomime are a Pantomime Dame who is a man dressed as a woman, two fairies; one who is good and one who is bad, a boy and a girl who are in love.

In pantomimes girls are sometimes dressed as boys and boys as girls.

In pantos there is audience participation. It's very fun because you need to yell things out like boo or yay.

Today we saw a Panto called Mother Goose.

There were two fairies, one was good and one was bad. Every year the good one has to help someone in need. She decided to help Mother Goose, so she gave her a goose that laid golden eggs.

But the demoness tempted Mother Goose into turning her  beautiful and made her trade in the goose.

Mother Goose lost her friends and family but she learned that friendship was the key to happiness not beauty.

My favorite part was when they went to save the goose in the Southern Pole.

I would rate it 10/10.

Thank you to Sally who bought me this ticket to see this Panto. It was very kind

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