Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Music lesson 9 Classical Music

Famous musicians who wrote famous classical music are called composers. They include Bizet,Mozart and Beethoven.

Classical music is played by an orchestra. Classical music was made a long time ago.

I didn't think I was a fan of classical music, but when I listened to the top 20, I knew lots.

Here is the top 20 classical music pieces:
20 by Wagner 
Ride of the valknries
19 by Gershwin 
Rhapsody in blue
18 by Grieg 
In the hall of the mountain king
17 by Beethoven 
Symphony no. 9 ode co joy
16 by riszt
Hungarian rhapsody no 2
15 by lonchielli
Dance of the hours
14 by Elgar
Lomp and circumstance no 1
13 by ravel 
12 by Bizet 
Coreador song
11 by Offenbach 
Infernal gallop
10 by Orff
Carmina burana: o fortuna
9 by strauss, R.
Also sprach larathustra
8 by handel
7 by Rossini 
William cell overtune
6 by Strauss, J.
The blue Danube 
5 by lachelbel
Canon in p
4 by cchaikovsky
1812 overture
3 by Bach 
Coccata and fugue
2 by Mozart 
Eine Kleine hachtmusik: allegro
1 by Beethoven 
Symphony no. 5

knew 12 songs. Can you believe it?

My favourite one is Bizet coreador song

I like it because it just is nice and cheerful and it's dancing music.

Here is the clip I listened to and watched.

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