Monday, November 24, 2014

The Battle of Bannockburn.

The battle of Bannockburn was in 1314 and was fought in Sterling in Scotland. The fight was fought by Robert the Bruce of Scotland and Edward the 2nd of England.The argument started by Edward the 1st because he wanted to be king of Scotland. He died and his son kept up the argument of the English wanting to rule Scotland.

The battle lasted for 2 days.There were 20,00 English soldiers against 10,000 Scottish.

Robert the Bruce smacked his axe into an English lords head on his horse on his 1st encounter and broke his axe.

Scotland won. This battle is important in Scottish History because it was the first big battle that Scotland had won against England and it lead to their freedom as an independent nation.

We went to the Battle of Bannockburn museum. It had 3 D displays and a battle game where you got to be in charge of the armies.

I got to be the queen of Scotland.

Our team won

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