Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Geography report draft one U.S.A

The U.S.A is best known for Hollywood and casinos.
The U.S.A is located in North America.
The U.S.A is 9826675km squared.
It has 316.1 million people there.the US speak spanish,Chinese and English.
The thirteen stripes on the flag is to represent the thirteen original colonies,and the fifty stars stand for the fifty current states.
One of the famous people is Harriet Tubman who saved over 60 slaves but most people thought she was a guy but she was a girl. Another one is Rosa parks who stopped civil rights and got black and white people to be treated equally. The 4th of July is when they won the war of independence.

Lilly, you are rushing this far too much. You have not followed the set criteria. You haven't  answered the questions. Please look at the format on the reports we did together and your past ones.

Here they are again. Please copy and paste these to each of your reports.

What is the country best known for?
Where is the country located? ( hint - map)
How big is the country? ( how much land does it take up?)
How many people live there?
What language do they speak ( if its more than one - what are they?)
What is the government there? ( e.g. - is it a democracy, monarchy, dictatorship.  explain what it is)
What is the flag ( hint - photo. Explain what it may mean if there is a symbol)
What currency do they use? ( what money do they use? photo)
What is there emblem or the animal or the national flower ( choose one)
What food do they eat?
What is a common dish people eat? ( hint - photo)
What festivals or events or parties do the people from there like to do?
What do the houses that normal people live in look like?
What are some important historical dates or events that happened there?
are there any famous people from there?
If you were going to be a tourist to visit this country, what are the things you might go and see?

Any other interesting thing you can add?

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