Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The LongBow at Warwick castle

Today we went to Warwick Castle. We learned about the Longbow and the story of how it was invented.  

The story of the longbow is that one ordinary day for the knights just walking in the woods and one of them tripped on a stick,and so everyone was laughing at him so he tried to break the stick but couldn't,so the rest just left him there so he thought  "maybe I'll teach him a lesson" so he got some string and a sharp stick and shot and said " DID YOU SEE THAT!!!" and the other knight said "YES BECAUSE IT'S IN MY BUTT!!!". I love that story because the archer made it sound even more funnier.

The archer was very good at explaining how to shoot the arrow. He also told us what to do if you got shot with an arrow. There was lots of blood and guts.

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