Thursday, February 27, 2014

Saalburg Roman Fortress museum - every day life - the clothing

For my homeschooling focus in history, I am looking at the clothes people wear, how they made them and what interesting things I can find out about their every day life.

This is a picture of a lady who is spinning some wool to make thread for clothes and blankets.

Beside this picture there was an actual example of the wool being spun.

This is a picture of what normal Roman men would have worn.  The difference between these two and todays men is that todays men usually wear jeans and a shirt. The Roman men are wearing robes. 

Did you know that they didn't have buttons or zips back then?

They had to keep their clothes together with buckles and belts. 

The shoes were way different because they were open. Ours are usually closed. Their shoes were made from leather.They laced them up with laces.  I saw how they made the shoes from one piece of leather. 

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