Saturday, February 22, 2014

German language lesson 1

Guten morgan everybody!

When we are in a different country we try to speak a little bit of the language. This is for our homeschooling because back at home they will be learning French or something. I think its better to visit the country and hear it spoken by the people there. Its more fun too.

We are in Germany at the moment.

I am learning numbers, days of the week, shops and greetings. We try to say things in German all the time.

Today I looked at numbers.  Here they are - 

1 eins 
2 zwei 
3 drei 
4 vier 
6 sechs 
7 sieben 
8 acht 
9 neun 
10 zehn 
11 elf 
12 zwölf 

I don't know the words for the fruits yet.. but here is what I am learning.

Das ist drei strawberries.
Das ist eins banana.
Das ist vier onion.
Das ist eins lime.

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