Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lilly Claims Motherhood

She is such a little darling.

"When can I be a mummy?"

I patently tell her that she needs to grow up and have her own house before she can do this. I ask her if she wants to be anything when she grows up – doctor, vet, nurse, teacher, dancer,actress?

No – she is animate that she wants to be a mummy.

“I want a baby in my tummy. Can I have it now?” she says.

Why darling I ask – really interested now.

So that we can play ladies and you can sing and give me a beads.

I might like to explain here that yesterday I held a sacred women’s space at home – a Blessing Way – which honored a girlfriends path through pregnancy and into motherhood.

My girlfriend is delightfully round and we painted her tummy with henna – as well as underwent the web and the birthing blanket ceremonies. It was a wonderful experience- and one that impacted Lilly a lot – obviously. She had been invited to attend and I thought she was more interested in looking around – rather than paying attention to what was going on – but no – she had picked it all up.

I feel relieved that she feels that mother hood is as important a role than any other – even at this age. I also notice its quite difficult not to fall into stereotypical answers and I try to answer with openness and objectivity.

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Jodi Cleghorn said...

I have tears in my eyes. Bless her soul!

This is such a wonderful grounding for her in womanhood - and she'll 'so get' her menarche ceremony.

I feel very blessed to be part of this journey with her. And how awesome that she got what it was all about. Little sponge!