Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 48. To Beonte

Today in the morning we lost Morgan. We lost him for two hours.

We packed up in our room and i was very slack and had all of my things spread all over the room. It took me a very long time to pack my things. even though Mum has a rule that we have everything packed by the night before.

Morgan left the room. We came down into the bar about 10 mins later. I looked everywhere for Morgan but there was no sight of him. Mum and I thought he had walked on so we walked for a long time and stopped and asked everyone "Have you seen this boy, have you seen this boy?" The response was"no" every time. We "coo ed"out over the mountains for him. I was scared that we lost Morgan. What made it most difficult was that our phones were "out of service" and no network was around - so we couldnt call him.

We went back to the albergue and there he was sitting at a table in the cáfe.

We were happy because we saw him there. He had done all the right things we had planned if we ever got lost. He called Michael in Australia and talked to him every five mins. He stayed where he last saw us and didn't move.

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Penny said...

Hi Lilly & Morgan

Well your adventure shows - always follow the rules - and it works!

Lucky your phone was working Morgan!