Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fashion at Oxburgh hall

Fashion at Oxburgh hall in the late 1800s. I think it would be horrible to live and wear the clothes back then.
First you would put your undies on well there not really undies there a uniform here's a picture. Its like a onsie. and it would be tight.

after that you put on a corset which pulls your tummy in and its very tight.

Next you would put on your dress which I think is very pretty. But then you needed to put on a few layers of dresses.

There will be more pictures of dresses at the end.

Then you would put on your cape which I think is very pretty with all the clothes. I like the red

Now for the rest of the pictures of dresses we found at Oxburgh hall

this is a copy of the dress that Queen Elizabeth of York wore when she came to visit in the 1400s.

Now we look at king Henry the 7ths outfit.
its like a dress. but thats what they wore.

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