Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daddy has decided to leave us.

A couple of days ago Daddy said he was leaving us and never going to live with us again.

I cried and cried.
I have some questions.
1.why does dad have to leave us?
2.why doesn't he love us anymore?
3.I've always loved him.

I dont know why he never wants to see us again. 

Mum Says we will do some travelling and visit friends and family when we get back to Australia.

I miss Daddy

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Deborah Owen said...

Hi Lilly. Your Mum is my friend, so you and I can be friends, too. Your Daddy still loves you. It would be impossible for him to NOT love you. He's going through a really hard time right now. Be strong for your Mum and brother. Pray to God. He'll help you get through this. Hugs, Deb