Saturday, November 14, 2009

on dead things

"No - he’s not asleep, he is all chopped up and dead; but hes coming alive and going to eat you up."

No its not a Saturday night horror film snippet - its part of an overheard conversation between Miss Lilly and a 4 year old friend playing with farm animals..... One would think that those cute little plastic sheep and cows had nothing more sinister about them but day old slime from being chewed on by the younger visitors.

Its disturbing to say the least to listen in on a four year olds creative play at the best of times, realising how much influence television shows have on them - especially the accents. I flush thinking my kids don’t actually watch alot of TV - and try to justify the times they do in the mornings mostly….and then ponder on those families who have the TV on constantly. The children aren’t allowed to watch violent or scary things - not even Doctor Who - so I wondered where the dialogue has come from…. but then it dawns on me….. a reflection on my writing … as Lilly often asks to be read what I am working on and its not often that I am able to read much more than an introduction before I have to stop and give an abridged version of the gory tale I had been concocting.

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