Thursday, November 27, 2008

Darth Maul Attacks Kindy Child

You heard it here first.

The evil lord of darkness apparently threw a rock at Lilly today.

She got in the car I asked her how her day was and she told me that she had been attacked by Darth Maul. Her head bled from the gash made by the rock – but she said she was better and can she go in the pool now….

Ahh – shes fine – tough as that one. There was a report I had to fill in – yes it was a rock – yes she bled – and yes she shrugged it off after a bit of a cry… and the mysterious Darth Maul? Shrouded in secrecy – so who knows – it may have been him..

I am just imagining some of those little darlings painted up – some of them def have the horns that’s for sure.

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